"The technology is my passion", "I love to develop" and things like these can be said by anyone. But just few of them are really going deeper into a technology, to understand really how it does work.

This is how I am: analysing the requirements, searching the best technology to achieve the objective, studying and finally implementing a high-quality solution.

In my philosophy these steps are all equally important. If you don't understand the problem, you are not able to recognise the best technology to solve it. If you don't find the technology, the solution will be wrong and the quality poor.

Of course everything done in strong collaboration with all other team members, because every question and point of view is interesting and gives a bit of improvement.

Keeping this in mind, I am always available to learn something, to try alternative solutions, to suggest something different.

Resume Motivation letter


since Apr 2019

Swissblock Technologies
Zug | Switzerland
Software engineer

I am responsible for the entire cloud infrastructure, deployed on Kubernetes inside the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), including all deployed systems: monitoring (e.g. Prometheus and Grafana), logging (e.g. EFK stack), databases (e.g. Apache Cassandra), brokers (e.g. Apache Kafka), security (e.g. Vault), networking (e.g. Calico) others.
I am also responsible of a development domain, mainly written in Golang.
I work constantly keeping in mind DevOps principles and best practices, without losing sight of the business goal.

since Jun 2018

MB SOLID Consulting
Zurich | Switzerland
Freelance Cloud Solution Architect

I help my customers building innovative cloud-native solutions, well integrated with existing legacy.
I also advocate cloud-native technologies during meetups, conferences and local techy groups.

Dec 2016 > May 2018

foryouandyourcustomers AG
Zurich | Switzerland
Software Architect and Developer

I work in close contact with customers satisfying their business requirements and realizing new technical commerce solutions.
I keep also myself up to date on new technologies such as new architectures (microservices) and containerization.

Oct 2015 > Nov 2016

webtiser AG
Zurich | Switzerland
Technical Team Leader

My tasks go from approaching the most difficult issues in a project, identifying best technical and architectural solutions, being up-to-date on new hybris features and other technologies, up to mentoring and leading other developers.

Mar 2014 > Sep 2015

A.S. Watson Group Europe
Milan | Italy
hybris Senior Analyst and Developer

My tasks go from approaching problems, identifying technical solutions, up to develop them.
I design and develop new complex features of project, starting from back-end arriving to expose functionalities on front-end. These features are both commercial and technical. I am also working on Index Engine optimization and deploying new releases.

Mar 2012 > Feb 2014

Techedge Group S.p.A.
Milan | Italy
hybris Consultant and Developer

My tasks go from analyzing all the business requirements, up to the technical development of both the architectural system and the infrastructural one.
I work on both back-end and front-end sides, dealing with development of new modules for the communication with other third-party platforms, process management of checkout flow, catalog management and automation build process.


Technology stack

Inspiring books

Design Patterns
Gang of 4
Building Microservices
Sam Newman
Clean Code
Uncle Bob Martin

Soft skills

Excellent willing and enthusiasm to know and explore new technologies.

Ability to relate effectively to colleagues and customers, to work in team, in environments where the communication is essential.

Organisational and managerial skills, not only professionally but also personally. Increased abilities to manage multiple tasks and persons.

Leadership and decision-making capacity in critical situations. Expertise in various fields of Computer Sciences: software design, development, reverse engineering, dev ops. These knowledges have been extended also in personal experience on different projects.


2009 > 2011

Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca

Master degree in Computer Science

2005 > 2009

Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca

Bachelor degree in Computer Science

2000 > 2005

Liceo Scientifico M. G. Agnesi

Scientific High School Diploma

Language skills

Written Verbal
ITALIAN Mother tongue Mother tongue
ENGLISH Professional user Professional user
GERMAN Professional user Professional user
SPANISH Basic user Basic user


Date of birth
27th January 1986
Zurich, Switzerland
Travel, photography, sports, technologies, cinema